Project Concept:

For this project, I picked a topic and company that I love, LEGO. I researched about a book’s worth of history and information on it and, though LEGO is a large and quite popular company, finding that much information about the company’s history was very difficult and time consuming. However, I found the history and inspiration I needed when a traveling art exhibition called, The Art of the Brick, came to my city.

From there, I sought to share LEGO’s history not only through the perspective of the company, but also from LEGO fans, master builders, and everyday customers who built an entire culture of imagination and creativity around the brand.


Year of Completion:
Spring 2017

Print, Book Design

Kind of Project:

Book Design

Project Description:
Design a book that celebrates “artisans,” that displays a well-defined type system, includes graphics, and a slip cover.